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This article does not advertise about shipping containers for sale. It talks about what buyers should know when looking for buying cargo containers.

For those who not familiar with basic terms of shipping containers regarding dimensions, structure… you may want to refer to basicdefinition about containers.

Shipping containers have many synonyms: sea container, freight container, iso container, intermodal containers, or sometimes, storage container. They are mainly and originally used in the field of cargo transport. Besides, architects also use containers in creative non-shipping ways, such as storage, office, temporary building, or even houses. (More about Building with shipping containers)

With specific usage in mind, you should consider whether new or used containers are preferred. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. New equipment has better quality, long usage time, clean and good shape and appearance… but are more expensive (See more about container price).

With restricted budget, however, sourcing used containers is not a bad idea. Well-selected second hand vans can still fit your need well.

You also review the sources of shipping containers for sale. Here are the main sources that you can find

  • Manufacturers: only for brand new boxes, and suitable for large quantity. (See more about container manufacturers)
  • Traders: for both used and new equipment, though some have advantages about new, while others about second hand.
  • Ship operators/owners: liquidate their container fleet, which is usually in large number.
  • Leasors: These are companies who buy containers for leasing purpose. Sometimes, they also sell their used containers after in use for enough time.

(See more about Sources of used shipping container for sale)

Many common questions and answers regarding containers sale are addressed in the article named Buy Shipping Containers – FAQ.

In many cases, you only need to use containers for pretty short period of time, say a few weeks or months, with a few sea containers. Then it’s practical to consider another choice: hiring (or leasing), instead of buying. See more about container rental.

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