Building with shipping containers

Besides transport, building with shipping containers is an interesting field which effectively takes advantage of containers, especially used ones for construction purposes.

Here's a video clip about Cargo container converted into home.

Actually, there are many buildings creatively made from ISO containers. Some of them may surprise you with their charming, creative, and economical style.

Shipping container houses

Have you ever thought of living in a house made with shipping containers? If you feel awkward or uncomfortable to live in such cold shipping receptacles, just look at below pictures and you may think again.

In fact, living in the box (and think out of a box) gradually becomes environment-friendly trend.

Below are some photos of DeMaria Design’s Redondo Beach Shipping Container House. The home, constructed with a combination of prefabricated shipping containers and traditional buildings materials, is a stunning beachfront residence.

Shipping Container Houses

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Office Container

Not only living in shipping container houses, people can also work in an office container, or a mobile office. This kind works well for site office.

Outside Office Container

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Shopping mall

Apart from container houses and offices, shopping malls are another example of recycle secondhand shipping containers. Look at Dordoy Bazaar market in Kyrgyzstan, it’s quite the same as traditional markets.

Shopping mall by containers

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Data center

Sun Microsystem's "Project Blackbox" is a prototype of the world’s first data center built into a shipping container and optimized to deliver extreme energy, space, and performance efficiencies to locations as diverse as deserts, disaster zones or even Mars. A complete data center ready to ship anywhere, just drop it on site and add power and connectivity and you’re up and running!

Container Data Centers

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The Nomadic Museum is the name given to a temporary structure composed of 156 shipping containers, housing the Ashes and Snow photography exhibit of Gregory Colbert.

Container Museum

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School campus

Greenlands School in Jalisco, Mexico is a high school which was built from used shipping containers.

Container School

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