Used shipping containers

Used shipping containers are those that are in use for certain duration, say several years, in shipping field.

So, what are they used for?

Of course, they can still be used for shipping as long as they meet cargo-worthy or other shipping standards. Therefore, you can absolutely buy them for your shipping business. Besides, you can utilize them for other purposes, such as: transport of goods, mobile or temporary storage, personnel shelters, building, etc.

Advantages of used cargo containers?

After in use for period of time, they become old and are offered at alower price compared to brand new ones. Thus, buyers can save pretty much (30% to 50% of the cost) by taking a refurbished containers.

That option is more suitable to small businesses with restricted budget. If you run a small business that will be moving smaller amounts of goods, on a less frequent basis, it might make sense to find a used shipping container for sale. Sometimes, used containers have only been in use for a few shipments, and are often in almost new condition.

Besides, it’s easy to find and buy second-hand boxes locally with small number of one or two boxes. There’re many dealers providing used containers almost in any market.

While using in non-shipping field such as storage or construction, used containers show advantage of availability, good strength and durability. See more about advantages of buying used cargo containers

Sources of used steel containers

These days, in many developed countries with trade deficit (imports exceed exports), it is from time to time not economical to return freight containers back to their origins, or to re-position (send empty containers) to other places in need. So they are usually sold as used containers.

With above-mentioned advantages, used containers are traded in a market for them. In fact, there’re many sources of used containers for sales. That includes shipping companies, transport operators, traders, etc. To see more about Sources of Used Shipping Containers for Sale, Click here.

How to buy second-hand containers

With information about supplying sources in hand, perhaps you’re interested in finding out how to buy old containers. Then you need to consider several important aspects such as: standard conpliance, intact structure, current status, and price … I wrote another article about How to buy used cargo containers for your reference.

How to check used freight containers

During process of buying container, one critical step is checking the actual status. Buyers need to find out if the containers in inspection are wind and water tight; if their doors can open and close completely; or if there’s any major dent or evidence of contamination or foul odors, etc. To see detail about Checking Used Containers, click here.

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