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Welcome! to Container Transportation where you can find, discuss, and share knowledge and information about shipping as well as logistics industry.

"The Shipping Container Made the World Smaller
and the World Economy Bigger"

You know, that cubic box really changed the world in a time that people call containerisation age.

Following the movement, I create this website to describe the details of the trend and to help people working in the process to gain more progress.

In this website, I detail contents in a sequence from specific to general levels:

  • Introduction about freight container: with specific article about sizes, type, marks, etc. on the shipping boxes.
  • Articles about shipping containers, from history to other perspectives
  • Information about companies owning and operating container vessel fleets: shipping lines
  • Container ports/terminals, where container ships call at to load and discharge cargo;
  • The process of container shipping happening in practice, to move cargo globally;
  • Sale of containers, new and refurbished;

and more…

Red 20' ISO container
Maersk Container Ship

Useful Shipping Tools

Besides above profession contents, this site dedicates a part talking about useful tools commonly used in shipping industry.

As you may know, shipping indices tell the health of the industry, and to some extent, of the economy as a whole. I’m talking about Baltic Dry Index (BDI), Charter rate and Freight rate indices in this website.

Other tools that practioners may need in their daily jobs include: IMDG Code (for dangerous cargo), country code, and shipping terms. They’re all here for your ready reference.

Some may interested in formal learning and reading. So a collection of professional books may help.

Just visit my mini shipping store. You will find there great books about containers, and all relating stuff including nice gifts about the shipping receptacle.


I also add a part of little relaxation and refreshment to make somewhat-tedious profession more interesting. I collected some exciting (or a little scared) video clips for your enjoyment.

What's more, I also write about a great innovative idea about building with used shipping containers. Talented architects recycle refurbished shipping material to make great building projects.

Have you ever imagined to work or live in an office or house made by steel containers? If you haven’t, read the article Container Homes, you may give it a second thought.

Your feedback

This website contains information, knowledge, and experience I’ve learned and practiced over the years in the field of container transportation. I hope you will find it useful and interesting.

If you have any comment, remark, or suggestion, please feel free to Contact me. If you love what you read here, please click Like to encourage me. Thank you!

Container Transportation
Table of Contents

Container Blog
This Container Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to website. Subscribe here.
Freight Container
If you want to know more about Freight container regarding definition, structure, types, markings, etc. You’ll definitely find them here!
Container Ships
Container ships: history, development generations, the largest containership in the world
Container Shipping Lines
Introduction about main container shipping lines in the world as well as in Vietnam
Maritime container terminal
This page introduce aspects of a container terminal (definition, structure, functions, loading and unloading process, etc.) and information about largest ones over years.
Freight forwarder - How to find and choose?
This article shares information about how to find and choose a freight forwarder
Shipping News
Internatinal daily shipping news
IMDG Code or International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code is accepted as an international guideline to the safe transportation or shipment of dangerous goods or hazardous materials by water on vessel.
Glossary of container shipping terms
This page include the glossary of container shipping terms, which are popular in daily use. Check it out!
Useful shipping resources
This page of Shipping resources is dedicated to provide useful information not relating to other pages' content.
Useful Links
Container links to other useful websites in connection with container transportation field
Container Transportation SiteSearch
Want to search information in this website? Just check Container Transportation SiteSearch here.
Maritime Colleges
You are looking for a full list of maritime colleges? You will find it here.
Maritime videos
Interesting maritime videos
Shipping Container Homes
Shipping container homes are a creative recycling of used shipping containers. Here's how...
About me
Wanna know something about me, the webmaster of this site? You will find it in this page.
Contact me
Contact me if you have comment, remark, or inquiry
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Buy Online Advertising - Online advertising is the best buy for your advertising dollar today. Instead of paying for hit or miss ads, you are paying much less money for a much more focused market
Quotation Inquiry for logistics services in Vietnam
This page is dedicated for quotation inquiry for logistics services in Vietnam. Just fill in the form and submit, I'll revert to you as soon as possible.

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