Cargo container rental rates

You're concerned about cargo container rental fee when prepare your shipping business or setting up a temporary building? You can refer to such information source as CI (Containerisation International), a professional magazine in container shipping industry.

It's noteworthy that when you want to hire shipping containers, the public rates are usually specific at certain place and time. Yet, you can consider below data a basis to bargain with local or international vendors (container lessors).

As you can see in the table, in the first quarter of 2010, the leasing rates for all kinds (GP & IR) are on the way up after the downturn in the previous year. Specifically, the per diem hire rates for 20'GP and 40'GP are 0.67 and 1,67 respectively.

  2Q '09 3Q '09 4Q '09 1Q '01
GP-20ft 0.65 0.64 0.62 0.67
GP-40ft 1.05 1.03 1.00 1.07
GP-40ft HC 1.10 1.08 1.05 1.15
IR-20ft 4.60 4.50 4.60 4.70
IR-40ft HC 5.60 5.50 5.60 5.75

GP=General Purpose, HC=High Cube; IR=Integral Reefer
GP and IR rates apply to newbuilding equipment and cover five year term

Source: Containerisation International

Container leasing companies

When consider leasing containers from professional leassors, you can contact them directly and ask for more information. Below are the names and websites of the world's top container leasing corporations (in alphabetical order) for your reference.

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