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You want to buy shipping containers? Here’s the list of frequently asked questions about new and used shipping containers you should discuss with the sales representative.

What are shipping containers made of?

Material of containers affecting their price, so you should know what are the main substance of the containers that you’re interested in.

Although some are made of aluminum and steel, general purpose containers (GP) are now mostly made entirely of a special steel called Corten, which is a rust prohibitive type of steel. Meanwhile, reefer containers are made mainly by aluminum with steel frame and isolation materials.

How heavy are they?

Metal containers themselves weigh around 2.5 tons for a 20’ and 4 tons for a 40’ (called tare weight).

Gross & Tare weight of a 40'

Even though the weight figure follows ISO standard, there’s still a tolerance allowing manufacturers to decide how exactly heavy their metal products are.

As far as price concerns, the heavier a metal box the more expensive it tends to be.

Are they water tight and secure?

Containers are designed to be fully waterproof including the doors which are fitted with full wrap around seals.

When padlocked through the available holes in the door gear they are fairly secure but can be made more secure by the fitting of a lock box which conceals the lock from interference.

These should be asked and get clear answer from sellers when you want to buy shipping containers to use in transport, storage, or any other purposes.

How old are used containers?

The age of a used containers can vary considerably but usually they are sold by shipping lines after 10 years of age. So, when discussing prices of used boxes, just follow a common rule: the older the cheaper.

What’s warranty duration?

Brand new containers usually come with warranty in about a year or two. Yet, used containers are normally sold without a warranty, or if any, just for certain damage e.g. leak.

What color will it be?

Containers come in a wide variety of colors depending upon the delivery of the original owner. The type of paint is usually chlorinated rubber or vinyl, both manufactured to resist sea water, sun and abrasion.

How do I get them delivered?

Delivery is achieved by crane assisted vehicle and can be arranged by your supplier or yourself. When deciding to buy shipping containers, do make sure you have sufficient space to carry out the maneuver, vehicle sizes and capabilities do vary.

Always fully discuss with your provider before commencement of delivery … It may save a lot of time and money.

What happens when I no longer want it?

Before purchasing a container, consider how long you actually require one. If it’s only for short period it may be more economical to hire. Should you buy one and wish to dispose of it at a later date, your supplier would be pleased to make you an offer. This will also include the price it will cost them to collect.

Always discuss with your potential suppliers any query you may have. They are more than pleased to help and that may save time and money.

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