Working in an office container

Working in an office container is an obvious illustration of a recent trend, in which building with shipping containers becomes increasingly common.

The question is: are you willing to work in a box office? Well, maybe not, I guess. But in several situations as I will discuss later in this article, working in portable container office can be your prudent choice.

As you know, shipping containers are designed to store and transport cargoes, and they have standard dimensions. Their width is usually 8ft (2.4m), which is not so spacious in comparison with the sizes of a conventional office. Working in a single-container office, therefore, may be not your choice (not mine, either).

A multi-container office with satisfactory decoration and architecture, however, is likely more comfortable and convenient for working environment. It’s just like living in a container house. Unfortunately, as far as I know, multiple-container offices haven’t been so popular yet, perhaps because of expense reason.

Back to the case of one-container office, it can still be used efficiently in several cases such as mobile office, site office, etc. These mobile offices are convenient because they can be delivered on site for the duration of time when they are needed. They can also provide basic living and office space for businesses in the field such as: construction, archaeology, etc.

Office Container

Mobile container offices have many benefits. Building these offices recycleused shipping containers, which is eco-friendly and saves materials.

Besides, according to, mobile offices can be moved to remote and inaccessible locations, and divided into sub-spaces or simply left open to maximize space. Additionally, these units eliminate the need to build a physical office structure on the property that will take up permanent space.

Thus, whenever you need a temporary, mobile working place such as: guard shacks, showroom, temporary offices in construction sites, concession stands, or even classrooms, just think about a portable office container.

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