Shipping Container Homes

Have you ever thought of living in shipping container homes? Believe or not, that idea is real and more and more people enjoy living in a shipping container.

You know, freight containers have a life-span of over ten years as receptacles in shipping industry. After such period, these useful units likely do not qualify for shipping due to damages, wear and tear during shipping process.

What happens to those no longer in uses? Scrapped, mostly. That kind of work requires considerable energy, time, and expenses when taking into account a large number of containers becomes over-aged every year.

In an effort to save costs and protect environment, architects come up with many creative ideas of recycling those abandoned or used shipping containers. A major solution is to make steel container homes. These houses when well-designed and built can look almost exactly the same as conventional houses.

Besides, people can utilize those secondhand receptacles for other purposes, for example: offices, museum, art center, school campus…Building with shipping containers becomes more and more popular nowadays.

In this article, I will talk about container living and recycling to build shipping container houses.


There’re several advantages of that bold and creative thought.

  • It helps to save building costs. Houses built from shipping containers usually cost much less than conventional house with the same area and space.
  • It's environmentally friendly: re-using metal equipment instead of scrapping them. Environmentalists love recycling.
  • Importing countries like USA are now having some hundreds of thousands of freight containers abandoned in ports and container yards because it’s not economical to re-position them to other places for re-use. So building houses helps to solve the problem of long-stay of containers in those nations.
  • You can build houses made from containers with sturdy structure in relative short time, but still solid for use in tough weather conditions (e.g. hurricane).

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When you like such an idea of living in a shipping container, then first you need shipping container house plans. Designing is a creative work and needs professional assistance or consultancy. If you do need useful guide, Click Here!

Search on internet, and you can find a lot of websites dedicated for the topic of building home from freight containers. Let me suggest some sites providing architecture service for your reference.


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