This is the first of its kind - Amazing

by William
(Gaborone, Botswana)

My name is William, born around the early eighties.

I have an 8 years old daughter by the name Juliet. I stay in a city called Gaoborone from a small country called Botswana of a 1.8 million in population down in Southern Africa. It's a landlocked country, therefore we are nowhere near the sea. So the only way to know about such amazing things being created is to read online.

It's so amazing that such a massive thing can be built. When I googled about the biggest ship in the world I didn't expected to see such a huge thing.

This ship is just amazing, I even watched the video clip of it on Youtube and I went Wooooow!!!!!. a 397 meter ship with 109,000 horse power running on 14 cylinder. And another thing that caught my interest was its fuel consumption. I mean you wouldn't expect an enormous ship like his to be economical in fuel.

My dream is just to see it with my naked eyes. I know having a ride on it will be like asking Jesus to come to my house for dinner.

Lastly I want to say to Emma's husband that you truly loved your wife, and she must have been an amazing woman to be named after such an amazing work of art.

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