STX Pan Ocean

STX Pan Ocean is a Korean shipping company which was established in 1966 as a dry-bulk carrier, later expanding into breakbulk and containerized liner services to and from Korea.

Currently the company mainly operates three segments: bulk carrier, container ship and special ship (providing car carrier, oil tanker, liquefied natural gas (LNG) services).

Its bulk carrier segment provides breakbulk liner services, which transport breakbulk cargoes such as steel and wooden products; tramper services, which transport grain, sugar, hardwood, fertilizers, scrap irons, minerals and other dry bulk cargoes, and special service ship services, which are mainly provided for steel foundries and electric power companies through long-term transportation contracts.

Since the commencement of container liner service between Korea and Japan, Container Division of the Korean shipping company has secured the position of the ‘Nearer-sea liner’ through the service covering Far East Asia including China, Korea and Japan.

As part of a strategy to maximize profit in rapidly changing market and secure new future growth engines, STX PanOcean has proactively invested in non-bulk transportation services. In connection with this, Container Division launched the new Korea-Malaysia Service in 2005 and became firmly recognized as an Intra Asia Regional Carrier by expanding its service area to South East Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and Vietnam), India Sub-continent (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka) and Middle East (UAE) respectively.

In 2008, Container Division is going to start a new service between Korea and Australia, which strengthen our position as the “Global Carrier”. 

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