Seaboard Marine

Seaboard Marine is an ocean transportation company that provides direct, regular service between the United States and the Caribbean Basin, Central and South America.

It began operations in 1983 with two vessels, the Begonia and the Gardenia, and now serves nearly 40 ports in more than 20 countries.

Its equipment roster boasts nearly 50,000 dry, reefer and specialized containers (including high-cube, open-top, flat-rack and platform) as well as an accommodating assortment of chassis (including 20-foot, goose-necked 40-foot and goose-necked 45-foot). Continued investment in quality, modern and diversified equipment enables the assignment of optimal equipment to each customer’s shipments.

At the Port of Miami, Seaboard operates a private terminal, open 365 days a year, on nearly 80 acres. Facilities include a 135,000-square-foot warehouse with rail bays and cross-loading docks for cargo consolidation and temporary storage. The design of the warehousing ensures expeditious handling of less-than-containerload cargo using wireless infrastructure and radio frequency devices to quickly and efficiently receive and track cargo. The extent of its infrastructure enables Seaboard to carry more cargo than any other carrier at the Port of Miami.

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