Samudera Shipping Line

Samudera Shipping Line Ltd ("Samudera") is one of PT Samudera Indonesia subsidiaries was incorporated in Singapore in 1993.

The Company was converted into a public company on 2nd October 1997 when its shares got listed and quoted on SESDAQ. Following an approval from the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited, its shares have been transferred from SESDAQ to the MainBoard, where Samudera’s shares are now listed and quoted since July, 2000.

Samudera is a regional Container Shipping line serving the Middle East and the Indian Sub-continent in the west, South East Asia and Indo-China at the center and the Far East to the north. This extensive network of services is run from its headquarters in Singapore, with able support from its own offices in Dubai, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai for the Middle East and the Indian Sub-continent operations, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Klang and Jakarta for the South East Asia and Indo-China operations, and Shanghai for the Far East operations.

Samudera provides feeder services to Main Line Operators between the deep-harbor "hub" ports and the outlying "spoke" ports. It also provides inter-region and intra-region Container Shipping services to the end users, i.e. the manufacturers, buyers, exporters, importers etc.

Singapore and Dubai are the main "hub" ports that the group serves. Its regular and punctual services connect the ports of South East Asia and the Indian Sub-continent with Singapore, while from Dubai hub it runs the intra-Gulf service serving the "spoke" ports in the Upper Gulf region as well as regional services linking the Gulf region with the Indian Sub-continent. Serving several major ports in China, Samudera’s Far East service acts as a bridge between South East Asia and China reflecting the growing intra-Asia trade.

In addition to Container Shipping, the Group, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Foremost Maritime Pte Ltd ("Foremost"), is engaged in Industrial Shipping. It positions itself as a reliable logistics partner to its industrial customers in distributing their bulk cargo - liquid, gas and dry. In order to provide a reliable and stable sea transportation solution, it invests in modern and young tonnage of size optimum to customer’s needs.

The vessels are then deployed primarily on dedicated basis against medium to long-term contracts, either on Time Charter basis or on the basis of Contract of Affreightment. Participation in this business segment has allowed the Group to diversify and spread its business risks.

The Group values its extensive regional network of own offices, through which it aims to exercise tighter control of processes, offer a better quality of service to its customers, and explore business development opportunities.

Over the years, through professional and competent services to its valued customers, the Group has been able to develop a well-respected and a well-recognized "Samudera" brand name. Through a combined application of management prudence and growth through diversification, the Group is confident of continuing to provide quality services to its customers and value to its shareholders.

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