"Nothing lasts for ever " !

by Cha
(Dutch Antilles)

None the less ! it's allways a shame to see such remarkable, magnificent & extraordinary artwork masterpieces disappear. It hurts, and hurts bad especially to the ones that appreciate the grandure of this branche, the maritime branche ! Living on an island in the Caribbean you are sure to learn to appreciate the sea and all that has to do with it.

Very little is flown in and almost everything else arrives by sea, so it is a part of an islander in some way, a ship that is.
We have since 1975 an Oil terminal and a few of the worlds biggest ULCC's have moored here, but as unfortunately as it was for the business and this vessel, it was for us. "Nothing lasts forever" was an old (and very dear) man's saying, and i could not understand the meaning till a year ago when he passed away.

He new, oh yesssss, he definitely new ! He was an retired old seamen, and not only me but a lot of people lurned from him to be professional seamen.
He was a teacher at the then local naval school on one of the other islands when he retired from active sailing.

I didn't go to that school, o no, but i spent a lot time with him because he was my father's friend and the husband of my god mother. Non of them is around any more, but i remember them every second of the day as i will remember all the great things once existed.

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