Fast Moving Floating Island

by P P Narayanan

If I am not mistaken she was 564000 Tons plus Dead weight which is still far above today's tonnages.

I watched her offshore Fujairah cutting through water in the year 1998 Jhare Yking. I saw the island moving with an amazing speed. From the side you see a very long ship moving with great speed but you will realise the size only a view when she turns, which will give you the glimpse of her beam.

I also watched her in Dubai Dry Docks during her conversion from Tanker to FPSO.

I was lucky to have this experience.I was a workshop Manager carrying out Special Survey of vessel Mare Champion (320,000 Tonner) afloat in Liue of dry-docking & being a large project I was personally doing the overall supervision myself.

PP Narayanan Ch. Eng. MI Mar. E

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