Crowley Liner Services

Crowley Liner Services is a business line of Crowley Maritime Corporation. 

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida USA, the company is a leading ocean cargo carrier between the United States and Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Bahamas, Central America, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba.

The shipping company was founded in 1892, when founder Thomas Crowley — the grandfather of current chairman, president and CEO Thomas B. Crowley, Jr. Its present structure, in which Crowley Maritime Corporation serves as a holding company for business lines and all subsidiaries, was put in place in 1992. It is wholly and privately owned by the Crowley family and Crowley employees.

Crowley’s services include regularly scheduled liner operations for cargo shipped in containers and/or trailers; rolling stock such as cars, trucks, buses and construction equipment; and break-bulk, heavy lift and over-dimensional items via Crowley’s extensive fleet of specialty equipment and vessels.

The primary services offered by these six business lines include:

  • Shipping and Logistics
  • Alaska Fuel Sales and Distribution
  • Petroleum and Chemical Transportation
  • Harbor Ship Assist and Tanker Escort
  • Ocean Towing and Barge Transportation
  • Vessel Design and Construction Management
  • Ship Management
  • Arctic All-Terrain Transportation
  • Marine Salvage, Wreck Removal and Emergency Response
  • OPA 90 Compliance

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