Wan Hai Lines

Wan Hai Line was founded in 1965. At the beginning, its business was mainly on the log transportation among Taiwan, Japan and the Southeast Asia.

In 1976, in order to respond to the rapid development of international trade in the Asia Pacific area and the trend of international transportation containerization, the Taiwanese shipping company has successfully transformed and entered the business of fully-container vessel shipping.

WanHai's shipping routes include Taiwan, Kanton and Kansai areas of Japan, Korea, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the Middle East. It provides fully-container vessel shipping with regular route among these areas. With complete network service, the company has its subsidiaries and agents all over Asia's major cities and ports.

As of October 2010, Wanhai Line operates 84 fully-container vessels in operation, with capacity over 177,000 TEUs. In addition to the exclusive terminal in West 17 of Keelung, the shipping lines also leased No.34, No.35, No.63, No.64 in Taichung and Kaohsiung, which makes it the only carrier in Taiwan with exclusive terminals in the northern, middle and southern parts of the island.

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