Mr khanh Do

by Khanh Do
(Sydney Australia)


Please let me know the procedure of hiring a container going to Thailand.

How much in total shipping cost? What paper work do I have to go through with custom and shipping company ? What custom form I has to be completed ? do need to have a business name ? how long will it arrived ? how much tax do I have to pay? do have ask for paper approval from council to have a container at my property?

please help me am only new to this business. I do have plan doing business with import and export in near future.

And I'm looking forward to be your business partner .

Sincerely Thank
Khanh Do

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Mar 05, 2014
by: Mr.Nhut

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While silica gel or Clay ( clay ) is hygroscopic type most commonly used on the market today are usually only up to a maximum of 40 % of its weight .

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Feb 10, 2014
Transport cost and procedure
by: Larry

Hello Mr. Khanh Do,

To check and advise shipping cost, you need to provide detail locations (origin and destination). Regarding your questions, you should contact a freight forwarder, who will guide you through process and procedure.

If you have cargo from Vietnam, I can help.


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