Maersk Line

When talking about Maersk Line, almost all shipping practitioners understand that’s a huge shipping lines.

Personally I saw many people like working for Maersk. One of my classmate in SUNY Maritime College in his brief self-introduction says “… I would appreciate if someone can help me to join Maersk.” Two of my colleagues who used to work for Maersk Vietnam many years ago, but whenever talking about Maersk, they have so proud voice as if they were still working there.


Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Mærsk Line is a division of the A.P. Moller - Maersk Group, besides other container shipping subsidiaries like MCC Transport, Safmarine, Damco.

The comppany's logo includes seven-pointed star (Maersk Logo) and the company name on the right.


  • Employees: about 16,900 and 7,600 Seafarers
  • Number of representations: about 325 offices
  • Located in: more than 125 countries


While I am pretty proud of working for a Vietnamese leading shipping company with a fleet of 30 vessels (dry bulk, tanker and container ships). But that number is really small in comparison with Maersk's fleet of more than 500 vessels, about 16 times as much as my company’s in terms of number.

In term of capacity, Mærsk Lines (including MCC and Safmarine) fleet capacity of over 2 million TEUs. I know it’s little prejudiced, but that number is approximately 50 times as much as whole container ship fleet of my country Vietnam. It's weird, isn't it?

The Danish shipping company has many on-edge technology vessel series:

  • PS-type vessel capacity: about 14,770 TEU
  • G-type vessel capacity: about 7,000 TEU
  • S-type vessel capacity: about 6,600 TEU
  • M-type vessel capacity: about 6,500 TEU
  • K-type vessel capacity: about 6,000 TEU
  • PS-type reefer capacity: about 1,000 plugs
  • S and K-type reefer capacity: about 700 plugs

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