Joint venture proposal

by Sher Mohammad
(Karachi / Pakistan.)

The rise of China has full potential, if borrowing the prediction of Napoleon, to tremble the world. China has already developed biggest mutual bilateral trade with India. China needs once again advice, as it did in past with Deng Xiaoping, to woo India by allaying its imaginary reservations, in creating world's biggest ever trading block and world's biggest tourism attraction.

The future of transportation industry lays with road conveyance. Yes, there will still be a tempting market in shipping trade with Feeder vessels. However, core attraction lays with road and rail transportation over the Asian land mass and the Arab world. We have only to analyse potential of the duo China and India with its ongoing industrialism.

Compared to input of around 10 million human capital of immigrants in its industrialism by America, here is a combined input of almost 2.5 billion human capital working in the Asian duo's industrialism. The US and EU stand to become isolated and the peripheral countries around the Asian duo might become its suburbs and this includes Japan.

PIL's core business might comprise with land transportation on a massive scale as well as in diversification. I have had the pleasure of working as a Freight Broker in Hansa Line and subsequently with Delta Shipping Co. with my Partner Mr. Nafees for 27 years and had met several times with the icon Mr. Y.C. Chang.

I am now a senior citizen with 86 years' age. I have a proposal for the present Management of PIL for a real sweetheart joint venture in Marine and Aquaculture fisheries between China and Pakistan with PIL to provide the bridge with China's CNFC Group.

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