Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM)

Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM), a part of the Hyundai Group, was established in 1976 in Seoul, South Korea as Asia Merchant Marine.

Beginning with three VLCCs in 1976, HMM has strengthened its competitiveness to advance new services such as bulk carrier, tramper, container carrier, LNG carrier and special product carrier. Its fleet of over 160 vessels includes full container carriers, LMG (Liquefied Methane Gas) carriers, oil tankers, bulk and other carriers.

HMM has formed a global business network with four international headquarters, 28 subsidiaries, 76 branches, six overseas offices and 10 liaison offices. It is highly regarded as one of the world’s top integrated-logistics companies with its targeted market prospects, efficient organization, top personnel, and advanced internet systems.

HMM transports South Korea’s nationally strategic materials such as crude oil, LNG, iron ore/coal and diverse special products as well as import/export goods. Earnings are five trillion Korean won per year, playing a major role in Korea as a vital economic artery.

The South Korean shipping company invests to continuously expand vessel fleet, acquires container terminals in the worldwide primary locations and inland logistics facilities, and develops premiere customer oriented IT system. As a result of these endeavors, HMM has become a world top integrated logistics company. 

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