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I have decided to make this page about shipping resources because sometimes I come across some valuable information which I believe will interest and benefit this site’s visitors, but is does not relates to other pages’ content.

The information may be journals, industry reports, videos, etc. Actually, any high-value document or information that relates to container shipping industry and benefits you visitors of this web site will be introduced here.

If you know other resources that I should post in this page, please suggest me. Other visitors and I will appreciate your suggestion.

I’ll build the resource list gradually, so at first you may find it pretty short. Come back to this page sometimes and you’ll see it become more complete.

World Container and General Cargo Shipping 2010
The report (SSMR issue 5/6) includes detailed statistical information on the container carrier fleet as well as container shipping and trade, including a comment on the latest market developments. In addition, it contains approx. 30 general indicators on maritime economics and transport.

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