by KTB

A oi ! E nho nhung thu 7 cua ngay xua qua.Ngay do minh da co bao nhieu la ki niem voi nhau.Cung da lau roi e ko viet ra nhung dong tam su voi a nua.Vi e chan: Chan viec cu tu viet ra roi lai tu lay ra doc.Lam nhu the e cang thay buon hon.Co le e da chap nhan viec a di xa e mai mai. Vay nen thoi gian e gianh cho a cung da giam di.Nhung a oi, moi khi co chuyen buon ngoi 1 minh thi tat ca lai ua ve, bua vay lay e.Luc do e lai uoc co a ben canh de duoc tua vao a, duoc nghe a khuyen nhu hay it ra la gop y e nen lam the nao.Khong biet den bao gio e moi lai la chinh e cua ngay xua, cai ngay chua biet thuong biet nho 1 nguoi nao.Gio nay a the nao roi a?Chac a da den 1 noi nao do xa lam va duoc o cung bo a nua chu nhi?Hay that thanh than a nhe. Vi e tin rang du o dau du trong hoan canh nao a cung deu lam tot moi viec.Do la dieu khien e yeu a nhat va gio e cung muon duoc song tot giong a vay.

Hom nay la bat dau thang 10 a ah.Thang ki niem cua tui minh do.........

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Nov 12, 2011
Hi Edwin !
by: Miss Nguyen

I read your comment.And i want to known that:where are you from?I think this websize is for us who has the friends in PHU TAN we use vietnamese.we are happy if you come here.nice to meet you!

Oct 04, 2011
request for articles in englis
by: Anonymous

Dear NGAY ,

Is it possible to put your articles in english
or put free translation as well so that I can understand and enjoy the articles .

Thanks in advance.


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