Fire on the Emma Maersk

There was a disastrous fire on the Emma Maersk while she was being built.

During construction of the mega ship's superstructure at Baltija Shipyard at Klaipeda, Lithuania, welding works caused a devastating fire in the accommodation quarters in the early days of June 2006.

A welding job on the main deck, close to the end of working hours, led to a fire that totally destroyed the almost finished accommodation quarters and all the equipment in the wheelhouse.

The A.P. Moller-Maersk group decided to use the superstructure module being fabricated for a subsequent sister ship to equip on the Emma Maersk. The old burnt-out quarters were sold to the nearby recycling company H. J. Hansen for demolition.

The lost time due to the fire was four weeks. Yet replacement work went so well, and initial ship trials were so uneventful and successful.

Watch below video clip about the incident

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